Top 10 Etsy Wedding Invitations

Posted by Cody Whitefoord

This week we want to share our top 10 Etsy wedding invitations. Handmade and DIY weddings are popular now for so many reasons; whether it’s adding a unique flair or giving your day that special touch, nothing sets the tone better than a fabulous wedding invitation. By getting your invites from a handmade site like Etsy you are ensuring that they will be specially made for you and, best of all, make a big impact on your guests. Here are our favorite finds to add to your wedding wish list.

These first few are bold and very high impact. They’re perfect for a less traditional wedding or couples who are trying to inject their nuptials with a sense of fun. Of course, the colors are customizable to match your theme, but invitations like these really give you a sense of some of the more colorful invitation options out there.

Etsy also has lots to offer as far as more traditional and understated wedding invitations go. Other brides may be looking for something more classic, and we think these four are very elegant while still offering a little something special.

Of course, we had to share some of the more interesting finds and these two are especially unique. The first are printed individually on a hand press and feature a fun vintage image. The technique of hand pressing means each invitation is printed individually, making them more like one-of-a-kind art pieces.  Second are these incredible invitations printed on red cedar.  They are so reminiscent of carving your love’s initials into a tree. Oh, and we’d bet these have a nice cedar smell to them too which is a fun added bonus!

1. Tandem Bicycle Wedding Invitation by ellothere 2. Grandfather Oak Tree Wedding Invitations by vohandmade 3. Rock Poster Wedding Invitation in Blue Green and Brown by aprilink 4. Easton Wedding Invitation by steliedesigns 5. Custom Wedding Invitation by westwillow 6. Carnation Vintage Invitation by myprettyprintables 7. Modern Dots Wedding Invitations in Purple by shineinvitations 8. Tying the Knot Wedding or Shower Invitation by pinkroses1220 9. Wedding Invitation Set – Dancing Theme by luckyduckletterpress 10. First Love Wood Invitation by baumbirdy

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